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Create posts and share instantly

Craft a post and seamlessly share your content across all connected social accounts with ease in one go.



Craft a personalized post tailored to your audience's interests, or simply choose from our range of predefined templates.



Preview your posts before sharing to ensure they resonate with your audience and align with your brand's voice.



Publish your posts instantly across all connected social accounts with just one click, maximizing your reach and impact.


Seamlessly integrate with your preferred Social networks

Connect to all your favorite social accounts and post your content directly from CampEd Outreach, boosting online visibility and engagement with ease.


Create for one and share everywhere

Craft your post for one platform and share it across all your connected channels effortlessly.

Let's face it - navigating the digital landscape is challenging.

For institutions, it's not just about having a presence online; it's about actively crafting and controlling your narrative. The best way to manage your brand's digital footprint is not to juggle across multiple platforms manually.

In a world where a single tweet can shift your brand's perception overnight, relying on disjointed, manual efforts to maintain a consistent and engaging brand voice across platforms isn't just inefficient—it's a gamble.

Top reasons institutions switch to automated social media management


Repurposing Content Across Platforms

Over half of social media managers report excessive time spent on repurposing and tweaking content for different platforms, highlighting inefficiency in content distribution.


Platform Underutilization

Despite having content suitable for multiple social media channels, 83% of marketers limit their activity to just one or two platforms due to the complexities of managing multiple accounts


Missed Engagement Opportunities

Two-thirds of institutions acknowledge missing out on engaging with audience mentions or comments across platforms, primarily due to the difficulty in tracking all interactions manually.


Inconsistent Brand Voice

Nearly three-quarters of social media teams struggle with maintaining a consistent brand voice across different channels, a critical factor for brand recognition and trust.


Challenges in Impact Measurement

Almost half of the marketers find it challenging to measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts accurately across platforms due to disparate data and lack of integrated analytics.


Outreach features

Effortlessly generate AI-driven content, craft engaging social media posts, and create stunning images to captivate your audience

Optimize content creation with AI powered app

Create and Publish your social posts

Easily create and share engaging social media posts with our intuitive platform, boosting your online presence and connecting with your audience effortlessly.

Create stunning Images

Simply provide us with your vision, and we'll produce stunning visuals for your posts in mere seconds.

Customised Templates

Seamlessly Enhance Content with Customized Templates. Effortlessly customize and elevate your creations, transforming them into polished masterpieces in no time

Efficiently schedule your posts and discover content suggestions

Streamlined scheduling

Plan your social media strategy with ease by scheduling posts in advance.

Content discovery

Unlock a wealth of content ideas with our intelligent suggestion feature.

Unified Social Media Management

Maximize your social media presence by effortlessly managing scheduling and content discovery in one platform.

View and manage your connections

All your connections in one place

With centralized audience data, craft content that resonates with your target audience.

Better engagement

Enhance your social media strategy with advanced audience insights, ensuring your content effectively reaches and connects with your target audience.

Data-Driven Growth Opportunities

Leverage valuable customer data to inform strategic decisions and unlock growth opportunities for your organisation.

View your post insights and analytics across all the platforms

Social media dashboards

Simplify your institution's social media management with our intuitive dashboards. Monitor and optimize your presence across platforms effortlessly.

Performance monitoring

Track post-performance seamlessly with our analytics feature. Enhance your content strategy for improved engagement and visibility

Competitive analysis

Gain a competitive advantage with our robust analysis tool. Unlock key insights to strengthen your institution's market presence and outperform rivals.

Key Benefits

Maximize your social media impact with AI-powered CampEd Outreach for efficient management and growth



Streamline content creation processes and save time with AI-driven technology, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks.



Say goodbye to writer's block! Our AI-driven tools generate engaging content for your events and social media posts, saving you time and effort.



Maintain a consistent posting schedule across multiple platforms, enhancing your institution's online presence and visibility.



Gain valuable insights into audience preferences and trends, enabling you to refine your content strategy for maximum impact.


Brand Enhancement

Elevate your institution's brand image with professionally curated content that reflects its values and mission.


Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize data analytics to make informed decisions about content strategy, optimizing performance and driving results.

Create Posts and Ads for your favorite social media platforms


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Optimize campus feedback with efficient surveys and NPS analysis, driving educational growth and community satisfaction.


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Assess students readiness and refine talents through mock interviews, coding practice, skill scoring and in-depth resume analysis.


Bridge Academia and Industry

Enhance ties with companies using PlacEd’s CRM system. Access job openings, track placement trends, and engage strategically with industry for superior student outcomes.


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Boost email efficiency with EmailEd. Experience seamless integration with the CampEd suite for impactful messaging to your hiring partners, industrial experts, alumni, students, parents and faculties.


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Maximize your academic impact with LearnEd. Share courses broadly, connect with diverse institutions, and enhance your educational presence effortlessly.


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