Introducing CampEd - Your Academic Game Changer!

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If you are a member of a campus admin team, then you know how a simple three-hour task turns into a thirty-hour grind.

The bundles of paperwork, endless inquiry calls and emails, lack of enough data to make decisions, and above all, the lingering, long wait for approvals and replies - your commitments are hard to meet, and at times to the extent that some of it even gets lost in the obscure, long processes. This vicious cycle continues year after year, starting from admissions to placements, while your team feels overworked and burned out.

We have experienced these challenges first hand at campuses, which indeed inspired us to come forward with CampEd, a scalable campus management system. The solution was designed to automate redundant manual processes, and keep your operations progressing in the background, while you can apply your time and attention to things that actually matter.

You are a pro when you’ve a campus management system on your side

Adoption of Learning Management Systems (LMS) was accelerated during the pandemic; the necessity to digitise learning was inevitable. In its nascent stage, both campuses and students had a hard time adapting to the new tools, but before we knew it, everyone was on board.

If learning was digitised and made efficient in the short span of time, we realised how a campus management system would exponentially reform the overall academic experience.

Campuses have been enduring long-term obstacles day in and day out. Redundant manual tasks, increasing volumes of data, impending human errors, time-consuming processes, risk of data loss and what not? Although a campus management system could solve these struggles instantly, such solutions remain a luxury to the privileged campuses.

Get started with a cost-effective, all-in-one platform

As a part of our migration roll out, CampEd offers a cloud-based, integrated platform automating your campus operations. We help you migrate the current data system(s) in order to maintain all your processes in one place and reduce dependencies.

Manage admission and inquiry process with ease

Communicate instantly with students, parents and faculties

Organise placement drives efficiently

Get role-based access for admins, students and faculties

Work on the go with a mobile-ready platform

With these combined solutions, your campus would be equipped to save time and effort spent on unproductive processes and accelerate growth.

If you think CampEd might just be that solution you have been looking for, register with us and gear up for a new connected campus.