How Can Campuses Turnaround Placement Success

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Placement activities are one of the most crucial operations of a campus

All the years’ of hard work, teaching, learning and prepping, is ultimately measured up to the placement days.

In simple words, the success of an educational institution is proportional to the accomplishments of placement operations. Exhibiting the best picture of placement achievements is one of the foremost goals of a campus. Above all, campus placements play a key role in every student’s life, offering the stepping stone to kickstart their careers.

The placement operations in a campus contains various sub-functions:

  • Managing student profiles and resumes

  • Organising company profiles

  • Matching job requirements with the right talent

  • Scheduling and conducting on-campus drives

  • Publishing placement results These makes it imperative for continuous and effective communication between campus, companies and students to maintain smooth functioning.

What do companies expect before and during campus recruitment drive?

Companies aim at reaching out to the talent pool from the best of institutions. Most company HRs find it difficult to reach out to campuses, so is continuing the conversation with either parties. The placement process would only prolong with the absence of an efficient communication system.

If you are part of a placement team at your campus, you must be familiar with the pressure of handling these big placement days. Think, what if you have access to a platform that can manage all these operations digitally? Have you thought of the day when the right talent meets the right company?‍

What are the benefits of going digital?

The need for online and digital transformations increased over the pandemic years, making it inevitable for the campuses and companies to conduct all the placement activities in a virtual atmosphere.

  • Drive communication with companies in a single platform

  • Provide access to companies to view the campus and student profiles

  • Increase opportunity of acquiring efficient talent ‍

Learn how digital transformation sets campuses on the right path for the future.The Demand for the Right Placement Management Solution

The employability rate in the year 2021 was found to be 45.91% by The talent demand and supply of India can leverage technology-driven solutions to expand existing skill sets.

Addressing the states with highest employable talent, the top 3 states were identified as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Karnataka is ranked as fourth, while Andhra Pradesh follows next. These are the digitally emerging cities which are adapting to the new technology due to the increase in the employment rate over the years.